Your Career Strategy Workbook

Your Career Strategy Workbook Excerpts

“I felt informed about the value of strategizing while reading it, and I felt through your writing that you cared about my experience going through your process. I think this is a solid strategy tool that anyone would be happy to use.”

Kurtis V., Public Policy and Community Relations.

Your career strategy can make it easier for you in the long-term. It reflects who you are, what you value, and increases your focus and investment in the types of opportunities you want to pursue.

This fillable career strategy workbook explores four factors to help you create a more effective career strategy for you. It will also challenge you to think of actionable steps you can take today.

Option 1: Workbook Only
Option 2: Complete-it-together
  • 90 Minutes of step-by-step completion and integrated discussion about your Career Strategy Workbook. You will not need to purchase the workbook before booking.
  • If you would like to upgrade to the Complete-It-Together package after purchasing your workbook, please complete this online form. Please attach a copy of your receipt from the Workbook Only purchase. Copy and paste the following message into the form: “Hey Chris-Ann. I purchased the Career Strategy Workbook. After much consideration, I would rather the Complete-It-Together service. Could you send me the link to upgrade my package?” Feel free to include any additional comments or questions in the form.
Option 3: Consultation

Do you want to discuss Your Career Strategy Workbook after you complete it? Add a consultation.

  • A consultation includes 30 Minutes of in-depth discussion about your completed Career Strategy Workbook. You will need to purchase and complete the Career Strategy Workbook before your consultation.
  • Your completed workbook should be submitted at least 48 hours before your appointment.