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Your Career Strategy Workbook

Fillable PDF

“I felt informed about the value of strategizing while reading it, and I felt through your writing that you cared about my experience going through your process…This is a solid strategy tool that anyone would be happy to use.”

Kurtis V., Public Policy and Community Relations.
Your Detailed Cover Letter and Resume Report

“I applied to a number of different positions using the same pointers she gave me and was called within a few days for an interview. I am so thankful to have the professional support.”

Merit S., Public Services & Education.

Every word you use matters. As an editor, my goal is to help you increase your income, credibility and influence through a variety of professional, educational and biographical content.


“After working with Chris-Ann continually over the years, I [got] into the field of work that I wanted and doubled my income…. Her attention to detail makes you realize that she cares more for your success than even you do.”

Rohan F., Financial Risk Management & Operations.

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