Poems on Life and Longing

“Chris-Ann truly has a gift. Her uncanny ability to pull you into her world, while evoking treasured moments from your own experiences, reflects empathy, and true craftsmanship.


Her collection not only narrates her own life’s questions, but beautifully and effectively reflects how others may also perceive the world, but are unable to find the words. Chris-Ann has not only found her voice, but has managed to help us find our own.


And while I struggle to choose just one as a favourite, perhaps “For a Time” and “Wander Away” most reflect my heart’s posture at this moment. How we so desperately try to be remembered, and to treasure the moments we feel time has robbed us of… Until we realize how fleeting this life can be.


Thank you for having the words, Chris-Ann.”

Rachelle-Faith H., August 2020

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