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A personalized editing experience to help you create and increase your income, credibility and influence through your written content.

Every word you use matters. As an editor, my goal is to help you increase your income, credibility and influence through a variety of professional, educational and biographical content. This content includes (but is not limited to):

  • Resumes and cover letters,
  • Workbooks, Business plans and proposals,
  • Articles, books, short stories and more.

Here are some of my clients’ goals. Do you want to:

  • Change careers?
  • Start or grow a business?
  • Change work locations?
  • Work in a specific industry or position?
  • Enter the workforce/job market?
  • Return to work (after school or parental leave)?
  • Advance your career (move up)?
  • Increase your income?
  • Apply for scholarships and awards to pay for education?
  • Apply for grant funding for various community projects?
  • Write business plans and proposals for reference, sponsorship, funding, endorsements?
  • Create workbooks for instructional purposes?
  • Write books or articles on various topics (career writers)?
  • Write books or articles to increase brand/business credibility and awareness (business writers)?

Do any of these goals sound like yours? I offer a variety of editing services to match. Here’s what some of my past and returning clients have to say.

The reality is: most of us will be required to present our experiences (professional and personal) in written form at one point or another. Here’s what an experienced editor should help you to do:

  • Focus: zone in on your audience’s needs and help you speak directly to them.
  • Manage your credibility: great messages with a sloppy delivery often get ignored or ridiculed. Think Tyrese and, “throw in the tile,” when he probably meant to say towel.
  • Increase your income: better written presentation can often help you charge and negotiate more.
  • Save you time: editing is a time-consuming process. To add to that, you often miss details when reviewing your own writing. Instead, pass it on to someone who has multiple tricks and tips to get it done, and use that time to finish up another task or simply, get some rest.
  • Inspire someone else: Maybe you never intended to tell your story. After being featured on our first interview series, those interviewed shared how much their co-workers, friends, family members, and even others they didn’t know, were encouraged by their stories.

If you’re looking for an editor or just curious, take a minute to browse the Editing Services and Price Guide or read a few reviews.

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