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I write about work.

Describing work is tricky. We all see it differently.

I see work as any actions we take, requiring our mental and physical energy, that answer a demand or fulfills a purpose for us and/or others, whether it is compensated, enjoyed, or not. Which means washing dishes and client work are both work.

The reality is, we spend most of our lives working in one form or another. My goal? To help us learn from and be encouraged by one another. My other goal? Help you command every penny you’re worth for your paid work. How?

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There’s something about a good conversation. You have an idea of what you’ll hear but you don’t quite know what you’ll find out.

A good conversation gives you energy. It makes you feel good. Full. Curious. Happy, even if it was a hot debate. You can agree to disagree because both sides (or more) came to hear from each other, exchange ideas, inspire each other and likely, just have a good laugh, at least once.

A good conversation moves you. It moves you to action; to do something. Read something, start something, talk to someone else. It moves you emotionally; to feel something. To recognize how that person’s words, ideas, circumstances made you feel, jogged your memory and what that means for your life and the way you think about the world.

I’m all about sharing those.

2. I edit your stories about work.
Image: STIL, Unsplash

Whether you’re creating a business plan, applying for a job, proposing a community project, writing a book, you name it, you are telling a story.

Every story has more than one side. And like any story, the parts you decide to tell are largely based on who you’re talking to (your audience), how much you trust them, how much they absolutely need (or you would like them) to know.

Every word you use matters. As an editor, my goal is to help you increase your income, credibility and influence through your written content. Learn more about what a great editor should help you to do.