About REDU Method Inc.

Image: Max Andrey, Unsplash

REDU Method Inc.: Learning and growing together. A Canadian-based organization providing practical resources and support for the collective learning and flourishing of youth and adults.

EDYOUCATE PRO: A Canadian-based, introductory life-planning program for youth and young adults, that shares actionable knowledge, timeless wisdom and develops skills and attitudes needed to build a meaningful life. Contact us if you would like us to facilitate or create a similar program for your youth program.

“EDYOUCATE PRO is a valuable program. I’m so thankful for how they have broken down many topics that our youth will need in their tool box as they grow older.”

Nana A.: City Programs Coordinator, Lawrence Heights/O’Connor City Programs, The Scott Mission O’Connor Family Centre.

The Scott Mission O’Connor Family Centre is an EDYOUCATE PRO Partner.

CMANNINGFORDE.COM: Sharing stories about work and helping professionals, business owners and students increase their income and influence through their written content. A REDU Method Inc. website.