We Work For Every Penny

Originally published with thewitnessbcc.com.

I met Samantha in the ninth grade. I believe the term we used to describe our friendship then was “batty and bench.” Years later, she was a bridesmaid (and sang) at my wedding. She was also in the room when my first son was born. From the time I’ve known her, she’s always tried to see the best in others. She does what she can to help, even when there’s the risk it won’t end well. I’ve always admired her for that and wasn’t surprised when she pursued a career in nursing.

Q: Did you always want to be a nurse?

SAMANTHA: Nursing was my plan B. I always wanted to become a singer, but I felt the time was moving so quickly and I couldn’t just stay at home to figure it out. Nursing didn’t come easy to me either. Nursing school took so much out of me. The demanding course load didn’t leave me much room to really pursue anything else I really liked.

Then getting into the field was hard. When I started, like anyone else, I didn’t have much experience. It was a year before I got a position. One agency took a chance on me. There was no training and I had to teach myself as I went along. The rest is history. I can definitely say that during this time God reminded me that I am where I am only by his grace. This job is not my source, God is. Period.

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