Corporate Ladders and Contentment

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I’ve known Rohan for 14 years. For the first six, I knew him as the boy who occasionally sat at the back of my parents’ church with his mother and brother. Then we became friends. Today, we’ve been a couple for eight years, married for six and a half. We have weathered three pregnancies and parent two children.

In some ways, Rohan’s childhood prepared him to be one of the only Black people in a corporate space. Until the age of 12, he was one of four Black kids in his elementary school and was one of two Black families on his street. Today, typically in meetings, he is the only Black person (or man) and is one of the few in a management role in his department.

Q: What kind of work do you do?

ROHAN: I’m a manager in an Anti-Money Laundering (AML) department at a financial institution.

Q: Do you like the work you do?

ROHAN: I do like my work. It’s a good blend of coaching people to pursue their career goals combined with making a difference by finding evidence of potential criminal activity.

Q: Did you expect your job to be what it is right now?

ROHAN: No. I hoped for something like this, but I didn’t expect it…

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