Am I a Workaholic?

This is the Introduction for A Series of Stories Exploring Black and Brown Perspectives on Work and its Worth.

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I am honored that my friends and colleagues across multiple industries have trusted me with their stories and have graciously allowed me to share them. I hope their varied journeys, motivations, struggles, disappointments, hopes, and practical advice help us grow as believers, provide insight, comfort, and stir hope in God.

But first, here’s a bit of my story.

Work and Worth

My husband recently called me a workaholic.

In short, he was right. At the time, I was balancing rental inquiries, client emails and scheduling, content-editing, and consultations. I was also conducting research and testing for a youth program in partnership with a local charity. I also research for fun, so my husband couldn’t tell when I was or wasn’t working. Sometimes, neither could I. To top it all off, we’d officially started…

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