Habit Stacking is saving my legs!

Earlier this month I read Atomic Habits by James Clear. Hands down, it’s been the best read this month. Why? Lord knows I haven’t done a steady workout in about 2 years. But thanks to habit stacking, burpees, here I come! 

The principle behind habit stacking, is that you attach it to another habit, in order to make it easier to do. So what did I do? I have to get out of bed every morning. So… I do 15 burpees right after I get up, beside my bed. Yes, I said 15 not 50. And no I don’t mean 2 sets of 15. I mean just 15 for the entire day. I can’t handle more than that right now, and deep down, I mean really deep down, I would love to push myself a bit further. 

Besides, Clear agrees with me. The 2 Minute Rule he talks about in his book is actually the bomb (do people still say this?). 

You curiously ask, “What’s the 2 minute rule Chris-Ann?” If you already know, or you think you know, just humour me for a moment. The 2 minute rule is that every habit you’re trying to start should take less than 2 minutes and not a moment more. At least to start. 

You see, in high school, I hadn’t a care in the world. I had no steady work out schedule but I always felt in shape. Except when I had to run a mile or two with the soccer team. While it wasn’t my cup of tea, I did it anyway. Well, really, while everyone else was running back, I was walking. Too out of breath. I always considered myself more of a high-intensity, short burst type of person than a marathon runner anyway. Excuses, excuses.

Anyway, my point is, these 15 burpees are saving these wobbly legs of mine and probably a whole lot more. Better 15 a day than none at all. Next, I’ll be running up the stairs. Thank-you James Clear.

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